Hello Dear Tabletop and Miniwargaming Fans out there,


welcome to my Website, I hope you enjoy the miniatures and get inspired.


My name is Mateo, I am coming from Poland and I am for 20 years now

in the miniature hobby. If you are looking for somebody who is going

to paint, convert, scratchbuild, magnetise, base, or what ever you want

for your minis, your are at the right place.


Most of the commision paintig studios out there are focused

on painting huge armies mostly on a Tabletop Standard, you have

to wait months and if you want an individualised or even scratchbuild

project you sadly will be rejected. 


In that gap jumps Demon Force Minis, its specialised exactly on that;

to make your most dreamed of Army, Models, Characters, Heroes,

Monsters, Tanks, Terrain projects and everything you can imagine,


You get an service from Table Top Standard to Golden Demon Level,

shortly; Miniatures you are going to love. And that delivered in

mostly a few weeks for a fair price. Each client is treated

individually and if necessary will be delivered with photos, inspirations,

sketches, ideas, to make Your miniature dreams come true!


Dont hesitate to contact me on:





Best regards